memory cassette + weird tapes = memory tapes


Okay, where to begin. This is has been right at the top of my heavy rotation stack these past couple weeks. The groups/pseudonyms are either by one person or are different collaborations altogether. It is indeed a little mystery. Each offers their own different share and set of sounds.

Weird Tapes offers some balls to the wall 80s-esque dancefloor jams (see “The Heavens” below). Then there’s Memory Cassette who’s debut EP sold out within weeks. “Asleep At A Party” is epic and brings to mind classic Cure mixed with Chromatics’ late night driving perfection. Both remixes of “Surfin” show even more facets with the Sail A Whale version offering a Air France/ Radio Dept. like epic grandeur and the Weird Tapes version showcasing a fantastic New Order influenced dance beat and synths.

Finally there’s Memory Tapes the alleged combo of the two other groups. Memory Tapes debut LP Seek Magic comes out August 24th and you can preorder it on Rough Trade here. The first single “Bicycle” offers an even new side to the trifecta and brings to mind a combo of all the above influences and more. Yikes, and yeah I know, brilliant.

Head to the dude’s or dudes’ blog here for more tasty nuggets all available in convenient download-able form at Weird Tapes.

Weird Tapes : “The Heavens”

Memory Cassette : “Asleep At A Party”

Memory Cassette : “Surfin (Sail A Whale Version)”

Memory Cassette : “Surfin (Weird Tapes Version)”

Memory Tapes : “Bicycle”


~ by the reckoner on July 29, 2009.

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