vikesh kapoor


It is pretty clear that some of the first thoughts which come to mind when listening to Cambridge, Mass’s Vikesh Kapoor is that there is a definite emulation of Woody Guthrie and early Dylan American folk. More then just a mere shallow rehashing however, further listens reveal a fresh contemporary take on American folk of old, largely absent in today’s indie and folk scenes. It is hard to exactly nail what it is that makes this sound fresh and relevant today despite its hearkening to American folk of a half century ago. Kapoor sings with the right clarity and sincerity to somehow make this work, convincingly so. With lyrics about old lovers and amusing stories of protagonists, Kapoor jabs with beautiful melodies and superb harmonica playing. His EP signals great potential and something to definitely keep an eye out for on the radar screen. Check out the wonderful “Down by the River” and “Ballad of a King” below.

Kapoor has just announced a relatively hefty upcoming tour with Brook Pridemore and has an EP out which you can check out on his Myspace here and subsequently purchase here.

Down by the River

Ballad of a King


~ by the reckoner on April 13, 2009.

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