from the stacks: Bee Gees – “Odessa”


Ok, so you might be thinking, “Bee Gees, really?” In case you’re unfamiliar, “Odessa” is the Bee Gees light years away from the whole ’70s disco fever frenzied “Stayin’ Alive” era. Released in 1969 and covering a plethora of sounds we can draw similarities to the Moody Blues but perhaps most striking at times is a very Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper” vibe. Regarded as their own Sgt. Pepper masterpiece, “Odessa” is very heavy on the orchestration and we get expansive and cinematic pieces. One can’t help but hear how this could have definitely helped influence Elton John’s 1971 self-titled debut. Overall though, however ambitious and sophisticated it may be, the album is a bit too much and rich for one sitting.

To give you a little taste, the first of two tracks here is the excellent the Band/Flying Burrito Brothers-twang of “Marley Purt Drive.” And the second track is the fantastic “Sound of Love,” an orchestral ballad with sweeping choruses that we can easily imagine helped influenced Elton John on his 1971 debut.

<Marley Purt Drive>

<Sound Of Love>


~ by the reckoner on February 11, 2009.

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