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In case you missed these guys as they broke out in the underground scene back in 2007, Studio is the Swedish duo of Dan Lissvik and Rasmus Hägg. Taking influences from electronica, experimental rock, and Krautrock, Studio sound like early ’80s the Cure and New Order. At times we can draw some similarities to New York-based Lansing Dreiden.

Yearbook 1 came out in 2007 and Yearbook 2 came out last year and is a compilation of remixes. If you’re going to start anywhere, start with getting your hands on Yearbook 1 which is kind of available in iTunes and only available on import in its physical format (West Coast contains most of the same tracklist in iTunes).

First up is “Self Service.” This is a fantastically hot track and great for the dance floor. It has a great bass line and that guitar solo is tasty. The second track, “West Coast,” sounds as if the Cure played dub. Again, another great bass track and slow-driving back beat. Enjoy both and exploring these guys.

<Self Service>

<West Side>


~ by the reckoner on February 10, 2009.

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