new old sigur rós – “fönklagið” (the funk song)


I don’t know if anyone else in the blogosphere has noticed this but this is some great stuff. Head over here and scroll to the bottom half of the page where you’ll find a good handful of old live goodies from their early back catalog.

First up is “fönklagið / the funk song” [Live in Reykjavík 1998]. Starting with an electro backtrack, the song quickly propels into completely unexpected and jaw-dropping sounds considering this is Sigur Rós we’re talking about. It’s as if the Stone Roses, Ride, and Sigur Rós got together and went for electro-funk space rock. Just a tip though, listen LOUD. Hope you get a kick out of it. It’s brilliant.

<fönklagið [the funk song]>


~ by the reckoner on February 2, 2009.

One Response to “new old sigur rós – “fönklagið” (the funk song)”

  1. I have this (The Funk Song) on my favorite rotation of songs on my iPOD. Such great stuff!

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