dog days are over


Florence and the Machine is a songstress from South London and is billed as soul-inspired indie. As the Guardian states:

“The world hasn’t seen this kind of profoundly eccentric folk-art minstrel since Kate Bush trilled “Hello sky! Hello trees!” and skipped barefoot over the hillocks in the late-70s in a frock made out of fairy wings (though, in Florence’s case, this would be wings torn from mutilated dead fairies, with their eyes poked out). After Amy, Lily, Kate, Adele and all the idiosyncratic souls of the London chanteuse uprising, Florence Welch is a different kind of bonkers; a posho art school bohemian whose pulverising blues-pop contains no trace of a chirpy “innit”, more visceral Grimms’ Fairy Tales set in a Twilight Zone troubled by donkeys, birds and coffins.”

She’s a bit jarring at times from the other tracks and tiny bit i’ve heard (but i’m hoping for an album at some point). This track is definitely dig worthy and just fantastic.

Dog Days Are Over


~ by the reckoner on January 29, 2009.

3 Responses to “dog days are over”

  1. Here it is !

  2. doing it her way. i like

  3. The Cold Stares love Florence.

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