Umm, so this was just one of the most pleasant surprises to wake up to in a long long time. FINALLY have some new Doves material after nearly 4 long years since 2005’s “Some Cities.” Doves have been gracious enough to present us with the opening track to their upcoming record, “Kingdom of Rust,” which is due out April 6th in the UK and the 7th in the US.

As the band puts it, they’ve always wanted to write an imaginary score for the closing credits of Ridley Scott’s classic, “Bladerunner,” being huge fans of the Vangelis film score. With a kraftwerk-inspired pulsating electronic back beat “Jetstream” is epic and crescendos incredibly. Guitarist Jez Williams takes over on lead vocals.

The new album is said to carry new sounds and see some departures for the band. As Jimi Goodwin reported to a while back, “The Outsiders,” has a “piledriver bass line and a Can-like backbeat”; and “Winter Hill,” a “vaguely country rock-esque tune.” Mark those calendars and check their refurbished site for more details at

< jetstream >

Here’s the album cover with the tracklist:

kingdom of rust

Kingdom of Rust:

01 Jetstream
02 Kingdom of Rust
03 The Outsiders
04 Winter Hill
05 10.03
06 The Greatest Denier
07 Birds Flew Backwards
08 Spellbound
09 Compulsion
10 House of Mirrors
11 Lifelines


~ by the reckoner on January 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “NEW DOVES – “JETSTREAM” !!!”

  1. […] has the new Doves single, set to be released on their new album Kingdom of Rust. Check it out at Blank Slate. Preorder the album […]

  2. Kingdom of Rust (wich is actually the first single), was played on Zane Lowe´show yesterdey. I look foward to find the mp3…

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